A brand needs success, 
and a sound strategy.

A good brand strategy combines continuity and dynamism.

The overarching brand idea is the theme that ties together your brand’s change process.

With all the flexibility that dynamic markets require, this theme remains visible and gives the design and brand system the necessary stability. As experienced brand strategists, we examine the coherence of the brand core and the new brand communication objectives. We compare both parameters and develop a sustainable brand system that combines contemporary design with the brand values.

Our work brings the brand core to light.

We address your company goals with the right brand strategy. The market, the competition and consumers’ behaviour are changing, and with them the goals of a company and the face of a brand.

On the way to your new brand profile, questions about the current and target status will come up. Together with our customers from many different industries, we walk a tightrope between retaining brand values and the desire for change. It’s a delicate process that requires market knowledge, experience, a feel for the brand core and an understanding of the client’s goals.

Brand workshops: methodical brand-building.

Nobody knows your brand and your goals better than you do. We know from experience that the best way to really understand your brand from the ground up is a workshop with you. Our tools are Brain Pool, Brand Profile, Golden Circle and elements of Design Thinking. The advantage of this is that it quickly gives us a detailed understanding of your goals and brand content, as well as of the strategic direction. It lets us put brand development on a measurable basis.



Strategic brand elements

> Brand pyramid / Positioning
> Company name / brand name
> Company claim / tagline
> Company and brand logos
> Key visuals
> Corporate branding / corporate design


Workshops and tools

> Brand interview
> Brand coaching
> Brain Pool
> Golden Circle
> Brand profile / Personas
> Design Thinking