We make identity visible
with good design.

Our design and visual brand-building portfolio at a glance

Behind every brand is a story and a vision for the future. And design makes it visible.

With experience, precision and empathy for the goal of the brand and the people behind it, we develop corporate design that shows the brand’s character to the outside world.

We consider beauty the result of precise content. A personal style is the result of accurate research. Knowledge of the brand core gives us inspiration as well as the measure for the quality of our work.

Design is good when it’s right. As designers, we think holistically. Instead of visual flashiness, we develop sustainably coherent communication concepts that outlast fashions and trends. The following cases, covering our entire capability bandwidth and industry range, show how well we succeed.


Corporate design

Corporate design makes your brand unmistakable.  Likable, unique, rigorous - our corporate design is a key part of your corporate identity, and brings the essence of your brand to light.

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Logo design

A good logo stakes out a position and stands out. It encapsulates the values of your brand. Our logos combine recognizability, information content and emotion in brand identity.

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Web design

Web design gives structure to information variety. The websites we design are informative, clear and reflect a deep understanding of the content they communicate. They make your brand into a digital experience.

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Editorial design

Good editorial design creates lasting value. Our editorial design positions companies as publishers of high-quality magazines, catalogues and corporate books, and offers room for storytelling and brand content.

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Trade fairs and exhibitions

Your trade fair booth presents your visual identity in three dimensions. Eye-catching, striking and inviting, our trade fair and exhibition design presents your brand and pulls visitors into your world.

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No one can resist attractive packaging. The right appearance and feel of a package encourage people to pick it up and buy it, so our packaging features functional handling and appealing design.

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“The ondesign team developed a presence for us that really reflects how dynamic we are. Our new brand motivates us as much as it does our clients and partners.”

Henning Schnittcher, Managing Director, COOMEDIA

“The Hydrosol festschrift that ondesign created is an exact reflection of our innovativeness, our team spirit and the high quality of our technological solutions. Thank you!”

Dr. Matthias Moser, Geschäftsführer, Hydrosol

“Our staff is very engaged with the process of giving CTC a new image, and our customers have received it very positively. Thank you for your outstanding work.”

Prof. Dr. Axel Herrmann, CEO, CTC GmbH / an AIRBUS Company

“Our new logo is even faster and easier to recognize, especially in new media, and shows our association with the Sparda Bank.”

Andreas Tönjes, CEO, Sparda Immobilien GmbH


Strategy strengthens design.

Good design is effective only with the right strategy. So before we start on the creative, we first clarify the communication goals, define the core message and identify the target group.

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Teamwork is inspiring.

Good ideas live from discussion. With our clients and amongst ourselves. We look over each other’s shoulders, criticise and inspire one another. Always as equals. Always with respect for each other’s abilities. So that good ideas become sustainable design.

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