Corporate design for the
Flour specialist Mühlenchemie.

ondesign is helping Mühlenchemie, the world market leader in the flour improvement and flour fortification category, with its repositioning and strategic brand relaunch.

The central element in this strategic brand relaunch, besides the new word/pictorial mark, is the new positioning “Understanding Flour” which bundles all the key brand values. The line is already leading a double life in social media as a frequently-used hashtag.

In terms of visual language, the traditional key visual is also reinterpreted in a young and emotional way.

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A picture comes of age

The special key visual of young people from many countries of the world has been following the brand for many years. It now has been updated with the "grown-up" models. The young adults here once again take up the pose from childhood with obvious pleasure.

A strong positioning and a worldwide image campaign

The core values of the brand form the foundation of the new positioning: Understanding Flour. In addition to online advertising and social media, a classic image campaign will be launched in international trade media to carry these values into the industry worldwide..

"Based on a deep understanding of the brand and our processes, ondesign has achieved a genuine modernisation for Mühlenchemie and in particular has expertly reinterpreted the central key visual."

Carsten Blum, Head of Marketing, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe


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Beim Corporate Design geht es um die klare Unterscheidbarkeit von Ihren Wettbewerbern. Ein erfolgreiches Corporate Design erzählt eine Geschichte – nämlich die Markenstory, die Ihrer Unternehmensstrategie folgt und Ihre Kunden begeistert.

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