COOMEDIA is an owner-operated consulting firm for corporate and brand collaboration. Founder and owner Henning Schnittcher is one of Germany’s leading experts on cooperations. ondesign assisted the company in a strategic repositioning and developed a new Corporate Design with a distinct brand architecture. The new tagline is an integral part of the brand configuration with the new COOMEDIA signet. We developed an internet presence with a visual idiom typical of the brand, and optimized for mobile devices.

“The ondesign team developed a presence for us that really reflects how dynamic we are. Our new brand motivates us as much as it does our clients and partners.” (Henning Schnittcher, COOMEDIA)

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Scope of the project

Logo design
Corporate design
Visual identity
Web design

Brand and sub-brands

The logo with the stylized letter combination COO shows echoes of the infinity sign and archaic friendship symbols. This refers to the process of cooperation in the exchange of processes and returns.

A system for the various service-brands from COO-Marketing to COO-Training creates an elegant visual link to the main brand and a clear hierarchy.

Color scheme and infographic

For a coherent brand image, the house color turquoise is widely used as background. The black brand and widespread use of black and white photography reinforces a monochrome high-quality overall impression, which points to the consulting expertise of the company.

This is followed by the infographic, which creates trust with a clear logical structure using the design language of the brand. All the cases on the website are explained with a specially developed polygonal success diagram.

“The ondesign team developed a presence for us that really reflects how dynamic we are. Our new brand motivates us as much as it does our clients and partners.”

Henning Schnittcher, Managing Director, COOMEDIA


Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello

ondesign completely recast the old family coat of arms with its three pilgrim symbols (scallop, staff, rosemary sprig), and also designed a complete alphabet based on a Jugendstil-era wine label.

Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello


Corporate Design for KATES

ondesign is assisting KATES with a brand relaunch, including corporate design, website, B2B mailing and all relevant infographics.

Corporate Design für KATES


Corporate Design for CTC

For Airbus subsidiary CTC, ondesign created a new visual identity and positioning as a B2B brand.

Corporate Design for CTC


Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER

ondesign is working with Werkmeister on a complete brand relaunch including repositioning and new brand identity system, tagline development and comprehensive corporate design for all touchpoints.


Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER

Beim Corporate Design geht es um die klare Unterscheidbarkeit von Ihren Wettbewerbern. Ein erfolgreiches Corporate Design erzählt eine Geschichte – nämlich die Markenstory, die Ihrer Unternehmensstrategie folgt und Ihre Kunden begeistert.

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