Design for the new
cooperation platform:

While LinkedIn has already become part of the morning routine for many employers and employees, COOVAL is the new platform for value-adding brand cooperation.

The exclusive network connects and supports cooperation managers of brands and companies in daily business.

We had the task of giving this new platform a visual appearance that makes the cooperation aspect and above all the innovative approach tangible. “Matching cooperations“ made visible.

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Project scope

Logo design
Corporate Design
Web design
Social media design

Match-making Design.

Making potential cooperations visible through design? Our idea: colours that arouse curiosity and interlocking shapes that appeal to the viewer and convince the target group.

The COOVAL cooperation platform is unique and looks like it: eye-catching contrasts and gradients, shapes that interlock and invite people to join in.

Eye-catchers and thumb-stoppers on social media.

While it is a good idea in companies for sales and marketing to learn from each other and cross-fertilise, the same applies to design agency and client and also brands that have potential for cooperation.

We have developed a flexible design kit for COOVAL that allows the client to create their own content themselves and in a short time, e.g. for social media or merch for the trade fair.

The website in a new look.


“We are very pleased with the congenial design that ondesign developed for our new platform and brand. It was a fast and purposeful process. The creative results exceed our expectations and provide our customers with an understanding at first sight.”

Anne-Kathrin Berlinecke and Henning Schnittcher, Founder of COOVAL


Corporate Design for CTC

For Airbus subsidiary CTC, ondesign created a new visual identity and positioning as a B2B brand.

Corporate Design for CTC


Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER

ondesign is working with Werkmeister on a complete brand relaunch including repositioning and new brand identity system, tagline development and comprehensive corporate design for all touchpoints.


Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER


Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello

ondesign completely recast the old family coat of arms with its three pilgrim symbols (scallop, staff, rosemary sprig), and also designed a complete alphabet based on a Jugendstil-era wine label.

Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello


Corporate Design for KATES

ondesign is assisting KATES with a brand relaunch, including corporate design, website, B2B mailing and all relevant infographics.

Corporate Design für KATES